Vision & Values - Chabad @ UGA

Vision & Values


Our vision for Chabad at UGA is of a vibrant, modern center that provides educational, social and recreational programming for students and faculty. We strive to convey a compelling, rich, and meaningful Judaism that will inspire all who come in contact with it.


The values that lie at the heart of Chabad at UGA are embodied in Torah and Jewish tradition.

These values are:
• The welcoming of every Jew
• Creating a sense of belonging
• Jewish learning
• Spiritual growth and practice


Chabad at The University Of Georgia (UGA) is...
 Building Jewish Identity on Campus
We are...
  • A Jewish student center providing social, educational, recreational, and spiritual programming for students.
  • A home where all Jews are welcome, regardless of affiliation, denomination or level of observance.
  • A place where students can socialize in a comfortable, home-like setting, with friends, food and discussion.
  • An institution where you can question your faith without fear of judgment.
  • A haven when you are stressed or lonely, and need a friend to lean on.
  • A center for prayer and study, where you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage.
  • A partnership between students and staff to help create student programming, raise Israel awareness,  plan social action projects, raise women's issues, promote health awareness activities and offer volunteer opportunities.
  • A Resource for Jewish life cycle events
  • A community for all Jewish students, with opportunities to enrich their experiences in all aspects of their college career
  • A knowledge center for non-Jews interested in the Noahide Laws
  •  A Jewish center for the entire UGA/Athens community
Chabad at UGA is... your warmest place away from home!

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