Mission Statement

Chabad at The University Of Georgia (UGA) is...

 Building Jewish Identity on Campus

We are...


  • A Jewish student center providing social, educational, recreational, and spiritual programming for students.
  • A home where all Jews are welcome, regardless of affiliation, denomination or level of observance.
  • A place where students can socialize in a comfortable, home-like setting, with friends, food and discussion.
  • An institution where you can question your faith without fear of judgment.
  • A haven when you are stressed or lonely, and need a friend to lean on.
  • A center for prayer and study, where you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage.
  • A partnership between students and staff to help create student programming, raise Israel awareness,  plan social action projects, raise women's issues, promote health awareness activities and offer volunteer opportunities.
  • A Resource for Jewish life cycle events
  • A community for all Jewish students, with opportunities to enrich their experiences in all aspects of their college career
  • A knowledge center for non-Jews interested in the Noahide Laws
  •  A Jewish center for the entire UGA/Athens community

Chabad at UGA is... your warmest place away from home!