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Memorial Garden


After hearing of the terrible news of the tragic death of Efrat, Esther, Noam and Yairi Gamliel-Atinsky, we decided to do something, as a community in their memory.

In Judaism we are taught that man is compared to a tree. Just as a tree, even after the fruit are separated from it, they continue to benefit others. So too man, even after they are no longer physically with others, their legacy lives on.

We therefore are making our memorial project something that Efrat was going to spearhead and involves her lifelong work.

“Efrat’s Garden” will be in the yard of the Rohr Chabad House which neighbors the Barrow Elementary School where sweet little Noam attended.

If you would like to contribute to this project with your time or expertise please email [email protected] or call 706 380 1311.

We have also set up a Memorial Garden Fund that you can contribute to below.


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