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Programs, Services & Classes

Chabad of Athens/UGA offers a variety of services & classes to the UGA Jewish students and the Athens Jewish community. We provide social, educational and spiritual programs, all in a non-judgmental setting.

Below is alisting of the programs we provide.


Turn Friday Night into Shabbat? You're invited! Bring your friends and taste one of the greatest treasures known to the Jewish people -- Shabbat
Take advantage of this free, fantastic opportunity to learn about any Jewishly related subject under the stars with your very own personal Torah trainer.
Come for an in-depth discussion on Pirkei Avot - Ethics of our fathers.
Spend 2 minutes a day on the phone with Rabbi Michoel for a Torah power inspirational message.
Feeling sick, lonely or down?
Chicken soup prescription Rx # 369.1289
Take 1 bowl of piping chicken Matzah ball soup!